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   Case 1:

             Before                        After


This patient had laser tissue contouring in order to refine the tooth shape, for the placing of two upper venners and four lower veneers. By doing this treatment, it restored a youthful smile and corrected the appearance of  worn teeth.  

                Case 2:

             Before                        After


On this case we had previously finished the maxillary arch (upper arch) as shown in the before picture.Continuing with our treatment plans I restored the mandibular arch (lower arch). It was done with implants,bone augmentation, crowns and veneers. I even used pink tissue colored porcelain in an area to even out the smile line. Can you find it? This was a fun case and she has a beautiful smile!

                Case 3:

             Before                        After            


For this case, we were dealing with a young patient who had two dark front teeth due to trauma and had been previously crowned. Note how the crowns look unnatural and the tissue appears dark. To correct the appearance of the dark tissue and unnatural looking crowns I did laser tissue contouring. By doing the countoring it gave length to the teeth and created a healthier tissue. I also replaced the two old crowns with all porcelain crowns for a more natural look. 

                Case 4:

             Before                        After


In this case, the patient wanted the teeth to look healthier and brighter. Bleaching was not going to help create a brighter smile for the patient so all upper teeth were crowned. By crowning all upper teeth I restored a healthier, brighter smile and made the teeth more in alignment.We continue to monitor this patient with regular visits due to tissue and bone condition.

                Case 5:

             Before                        After


On this case I focused on just the maxillary arch (upper arch). Before, the patient had discolored and decayed teeth and wanted a healthier and brighter smile. For the best results I started off using a laser for tissue contouring to refine the tooth shape. Then knowing that the patient wanted her smile as white as we could get them while still obtaining a natural look.  I went with eight all porcelain veneers and also extended the tooth in length. This patient used to feel very unsure of her smile, now she smiles with confidence! 

                Case 6:

             Before                   After


This patient had removable dentures that gave him nothing but trouble, so being an executive he needed something better and wanted only the best. I placed fifteen implants, crowned six teeth, and attached crowns to the implants so nothing comes in or out. This  case took over a year to complete but was a rewarding result and this patient could not be happier!

               Case 7:

          Before                       After


This patient was missing their front two teeth and had been wearing a retainer type appliance with two teeth added to fill in the space. However, they are young and active and wanted something more suitable for their lifestyle. We determined that a bridge would risk further damage to other teeth and an implant made of porcelain would give the best cosmetic result. This case took 8 months to complete due to the necessary healing time for the implants and bone augmentation but gave a great result.


                        Case 8:

          Before                        After


This patient had old crowns that looked dilapidated and had badly worn teeth. For a more appealing cosmetic result, I used a laser to contour the tissue, giving the new crowns a more natural lengthened look. The case took close to a year to complete and was very rewarding for the patient.