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   Case 1:

             Before                        After


This patient had laser tissue contouring in order to refine the tooth shape, for the placing of two upper venners and four lower veneers. By doing this treatment, it restored a youthful smile and corrected the appearance of  worn teeth.  


                Case 2:

             Before                   After


This patient had removable dentures that gave him nothing but trouble, so being an executive he needed something better and wanted only the best. I placed fifteen implants, crowned six teeth, and attached crowns to the implants so nothing comes in or out. This  case took over a year to complete but was a rewarding result and this patient could not be happier!


                        Case 3:

          Before                        After


This patient had old crowns that looked dilapidated and had badly worn teeth. For a more appealing cosmetic result, I used a laser to contour the tissue, giving the new crowns a more natural lengthened look. The case took close to a year to complete and was very rewarding for the patient.

Dr. Miller is proud of his cosmetic work and can help you rebuild your smile so that you are confident to show how good you feel!